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1. Knowing God is to be ________________ connected with Him.

 exponentially mysteriously intimately physically

2. Without fully knowing God’s love, we will be perpetually ________________.

 filled insecure faithful sinful

3. What are some of the ways we gain a knowledge of God?

4. How does understanding God’s love for you release you to move in the supernatural?

5. After an offense, human love requires a period of rebuilding trust. Is this the same as God’s love?

6. What does the parable of the Prodigal Son teach us about the Father’s love for us?

7. Why is it necessary to have a supernatural revelation of God’s love? Is it possible to understand His love?

8. Explain how worship affects our relationship with the Father.

9. Faith works by ___________________.
 miracles signs wonders love

10. What is God’s will?

 That none should perish The sick are healed To destroy the works of the devil All of the above

11. God wants to reveal His love for you on a _______________ basis.

 Daily Monthly Annual Weekly

12. What are some differences between God’s love and human love?

13. What is a basic difference between the way humans and animals have been created to relate to God?

14. What are some of the ways people try to fill their need for God’s love in the flesh?

15. What is the most hotly contested discipline in a believer’s life?

 working of miracles prophesying daily spending time with Jesus journaling

16. Trusting in the Lord’s love for us frees us from _________.

 lust legalism laziness worry

17. Describe how marriage is designed to be a picture of Christ and the Church.

18. What is the position we are called to in Christ, exemplified by John leaning on the breast of Jesus?

19. How does confidence in God’s love fuel evangelism?

20. A revelation of God’s love is necessary because _________.

 we are emotionally needy we don’t have the capacity to understand it on our own God’s word needs to be validated by our experience God is Spirit and speaks in mysteries

21. When we are filled with the fullness of God’s love _______.

 miracles become commonplace everyone will know we are God’s favored people financial blessings will follow us we will be given positions of leadership

22. Can we qualify ourselves for the work of the Kingdom? __________________________

23. What kind of fears does the perfect love of God cast out?

24. Who is called to intercession?

25. The bride in Song of Solomon felt unlovely, but the bridegroom compared her to linen curtains in the Holy Place. How does this parallel our lives in Christ?

26. “Be it unto me according to Your word” is a prayer of ________ that we can embrace.

 Elizabeth Jesus Levi Mary

27. Because of the sanctifying work of the Cross, the righteous can be as bold as a _________________.

 serpent dove lion eagle

28. What is the difference between laziness and being positioned at rest?

29. The disciples at Pentecost received a baptism of the Spirit and of _________.

 water oil blood fire

30. How have you been personally affected by this course on Intimacy with God?

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