The Gifts of the Spirit


Course Overview

Led by David Martin, this course provides a practical understanding of how the gifts of the Spirit are intended to be a part of our daily lives. You will learn how each gift works individually and corporately. Focus is on the nine gifts of the Spirit from 1 Corinthians 12 and then expands to include other gifts of the Spirit, including the nine motivational gifts and the fivefold ministry gifts. You will see how the gifts work in and out of church and how they help us in the workplace, school and at home.

Included in This Course:

  • How to Operate in the Gifts of the Spirit (Book) by Steven Brooks
  • 8 sessions on DVD with David Martin
  • Course workbook

Through This Course, You Will:

  • Gain insight into how the Holy Spirit operates
  • Learn how the gifts of the Spirit are for everyone
  • Discover how YOU are called to do the greater works
  • Experience the excitement of partnering with the Holy Spirit
  • And more…



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