Angels and Angelic Activity


Course Overview

In the day and hour in which we live, there is an acceleration of angelic activity on the earth. As followers of Jesus, it is beneficial and necessary for us to understand the work of God’s ministering angels so that we can learn to co-labor with them. In this powerful curriculum taught by Kevin Basconi, we will explore the Scriptural principles that can help you understand that you have the right and privilege to perceive and discern the work of angels all around you.

Included in This Course:

  • Book: Visitation of Angels and Other Supernatural Experiences
  • 2 DVDs: 8 Sessions by Kevin Basconi
  • Course workbook

Through This Course, You Will:

  • Explore Scriptual principles
  • Understand your rights and privilege
  • Perceive and discern the works of angels
  • And more…



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